Youtube takes stronger stand against ad blocker

YouTube Takes Stronger Stand Against Ad-Blockers

Madiha Yaqoob 11

YouTube is working far more to stop people from using ad-blockers. According to a statement sent to The Verge by YouTube communications manager Christopher Lawton, the network has launched a “global effort” to persuade users to either allow advertisements or check out YouTube Premium.

You may receive a notification saying that “video playback is blocked unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled” if you run into YouTube’s ad-blocker restrictions. It also offers the choice to test out YouTube Premium or enable advertisements. Users may still be able to watch videos even though they may receive alerts regarding YouTube’s position on ad-blocking software. However, according to some users, YouTube now disables videos more often when ad-blockers are on.

Back in June, YouTube started blocking videos for users who were using ad-blockers. At the time, Lawton described this as a “small experiment globally.” Since then, the platform has increased these initiatives. According to a report from Android Authority, more and more people who use ad-blockers have discovered that they are unable to see YouTube videos in recent weeks.

Ad-blocker use, according to Lawton, is against YouTube’s terms of service since “ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube.”

YouTube has made a number of modifications to its ad delivery mechanism this year. In May, the business launched its TV app with 30-second unskippable advertising, and it started experimenting with lengthier, less frequent TV ad breaks. With these longer ad breaks, YouTube hopes to entice more viewers to sign up for its ad-free YouTube Premium subscription. However, some consumers could find this alternative less enticing due to a $2 price hike and the cancellation of its more economical Premium Lite plan.