How to remove fake owners in google search console

How to Remove Ownership in Google Search Console

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How to Remove Hacked Ownership Claim in Google Search Console: A Step-by-Step Guide

It can be upsetting to learn that someone has erroneously claimed ownership of your website. Assuming you got an email from Google educating you regarding such a case, you must make a prompt move to recover control and shield your web-based presence. This guide will show you how to verify and remove a hacked ownership claim from Google Search Console.

Understanding the Situation:

Upon receiving an email from Google informing you about the ownership claim, it’s crucial to assess the situation. This could potentially be an automated event triggered by bots, especially if your website was inactive or not adequately updated, making it susceptible to breaches.

Unverifying the Fake Owner:

To regain control, the first step is to unverify the fraudulent owner, which typically involves deleting unnecessary files from your website’s cPanel. By removing their access, you can reclaim ownership and prevent further unauthorized actions.

Accessing the Website’s cPanel:

To proceed with unverifying the fake owner, you need access to your website’s cPanel. The cPanel, a web-based control panel that lets you manage various aspects of your website, will be provided to you by your hosting provider.
Step-by-Step Unverification Process:
a. Log in to your hosting provider’s account and locate the cPanel section.
b. Once in the cPanel, navigate to the File Manager.
c. Locate your WordPress installation directory and open it.
d. Look for the wp-content folder and open it as well.
e. Within the wp-content folder, locate the plugins directory and access it.
f. Identify any suspicious plugins or files that might be associated with the fraudulent ownership claim.
g. Delete the suspicious files or plugins. Exercise caution and only remove those that are unauthorized or seem malicious.
h. After deleting the necessary files, exit the cPanel.

Verifying Ownership in Google Search Console:

Now that the access belonging to the fictitious owner has been removed, it’s time to check your ownership in Google Search Console. Getting to important experiences and maintaining command over your site’s presence in list items are both dependent on this step.

Resolving Ownership Verification Issues:

In some cases, after removing the hacked ownership claim, you might encounter difficulties verifying your ownership in Google Search Console. If this happens, there are alternative methods available, such as verifying through DNS records or HTML tags. Refer to Google’s documentation for detailed instructions on each verification method.


Facing a hacked ownership claim in Google Search Console can be unnerving, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can regain control and secure your website. Look out for expected dangers and make sure to keep your site’s safety efforts state-of-the-art consistently. By taking preventative measures, you can safeguard your online presence and guarantee visitors’ safety.

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