Top 10 Free Chat Plugin For WordPress

Top 10 Free Chat Plugin For WordPress

Madiha Yaqoob 25

1. Introduction

In the realm of online communication, live free chat plugins have become indispensable tools for websites. They improve customer interaction, offer quick assistance, and ultimately improve the user experience. You’re in luck if you use WordPress! Numerous free chat plugins are readily accessible and may be added to your website. We’ll look at the top 10 free live chat plugins for WordPress in this post to help you improve user interaction without spending a fortune.

2. Benefits of Live Free Chat Plugins

Live free chat plugins offer several advantages that can benefit both website owners and visitors. Some major advantages include:

Better Customer Support: By giving visitors immediate assistance through live chat, you may improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.
Increased Conversion Rates: You may greatly increase your chances of turning visitors into customers by swiftly responding to their questions.
Real-Time Engagement: Live chat makes it possible for you to interact with your audience in real time, fostering relationships of trust.
Cost-Saving Measure: For small organizations, live chat plugins are an affordable option because they frequently provide free versions with adequate capabilities.
Customization Options: You can personalize the chat window’s appearance, colors, and behavior to match your website’s branding.
Visitor Insights: Live chat plugins often provide analytics and visitor insights, helping you understand your audience better.

3. Top 10 Free Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Let’s explore the ten best free chat live plugins available for WordPress:


Tawkto Plugin

Tawk.to is a popular live chat plugin that offers a feature-rich platform for website communication. It supports real-time monitoring, and customizable chat widgets, and even allows you to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. With its free plan, you can unlock a wide range of functionalities to engage with your website visitors effectively.

Zendesk Chat:

zendesk chat

Zendesk Chat, formerly known as Zopim, is a powerful live chat software that enables seamless customer communication. Its free version includes features like chat rating, chat triggers, and offline messaging. You can also monitor visitors in real time and analyze chat performance, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.


Crisp Plugin Free chat

Crisp is a user-friendly live chat plugin that emphasizes simplicity without compromising on functionality. You get access to features like limitless conversations, stored responses, and chat routing with its free plan. Additionally, Crisp provides a mobile app that enables you to keep in touch with your guests even while you’re on the move.


LiveChat Plugin

LiveChat is a reputable live chat program that thousands of companies use all around the world. While its free plan is limited, it still provides essential features like chat transcripts, ticketing system integration, and chat customization. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive analytics, LiveChat is a solid choice for those seeking professional live chat support.

Jivo Chat:

Jivochat plugin

Jivo Chat is a powerful live chat plugin that provides seamless communication between website owners and their visitors. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Jivo Chat offers a comprehensive solution for engaging with customers in real time. It allows businesses to monitor website traffic, initiate proactive chats, and provide instant support. Jivo Chat also offers features like chat customization, canned responses, and integration with popular CRM platforms. Overall, Jivo Chat is an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance customer interaction and improve their online support capabilities.

Formilla Live Chat:

Formilla Live free Chat Plugin

Formilla Live Chat plugin is a feature-packed solution that includes real-time visitor monitoring, proactive chat invitations, and canned responses. The free plan accommodates one chat agent and offers customization options to match your brand’s identity. It also integrates with popular email marketing tools like MailChimp, making it a valuable asset for lead generation.

Chaport Live Chat:

Chatport Live Chat Plugin

Chaport Live Chat provides a seamless live chat experience with its clean and modern interface. It allows unlimited chats, supports file sharing, and provides detailed visitor information. The free version includes up to five chat operators, making it suitable for small businesses with a growing customer base.

Tidio Live Chat:

Tidio Live chat plugin

Tidio Live Chat is an intuitive and visually appealing plugin that enables efficient communication with your website visitors. With its free version, you can enjoy unlimited chats, automated messages, and customizable chat widgets. Tidio also offers mobile apps to help you stay connected and respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Pure Chat:

pure chat plugin

Pure Chat offers a free live chat plugin that empowers you to engage with your audience effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features such as chat transcripts and visitor tracking, Pure Chat is an excellent choice for small businesses and startups. It also integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce.


Drift is a robust live chat software designed to facilitate conversational marketing. Although its free plan is limited, it provides essential features like chat targeting, email capture, and chatbot automation. Drift focuses on generating qualified leads and nurturing customer relationships through personalized conversations.

5. How to Choose the Right Live Chat Plugin

When selecting a live chat plugin for your WordPress website, keep the following factors in mind:

Features: Evaluate the features offered by several plugins and pick the one that best satisfies your requirements.
Usefulness: Look for a plugin with a straightforward installation process and a user-friendly user interface.
Customization: Check the plugin’s customization options to see whether you can alter the chat window’s design and functionality.
Integration: Ensure that the plugin integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website.
Support: Consider the support options available in case you encounter any issues or have questions.

6. Conclusion

Integrating a live chat plugin into your WordPress website can greatly enhance your ability to engage with visitors and provide exceptional customer support. The best 10 free chat plugins for WordPress that each provide distinctive features and advantages have been covered. You may enhance user experience, increase conversions, and cultivate deep customer connections by selecting the appropriate plugin depending on your unique needs.


1. Are these live chat plugins really free?
Yes, all the plugins mentioned in this article have free versions available. However, some plugins may offer premium plans with additional features.

2. Can I customize the chat window’s appearance?
Most live chat plugins provide customization options, allowing you to match the chat window’s design to your website’s branding.

3. Can I have multiple chat operators using these plugins?
Yes, many live chat plugins support multiple chat operators, enabling efficient collaboration and better customer support.

4. Do these plugins provide analytics and reports?
Several plugins offer analytics and reports, giving you insights into visitor engagement, chat history, and performance metrics.

5. Can I integrate these plugins with other tools and platforms?
Most live chat plugins integrate smoothly with popular CRM, help desk, and email marketing tools, enhancing your workflow and customer management processes.