Elementor Crash Course - How to Create One Page WordPress Website

How to Create One Page WordPress Website in Elementor

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In the high speed universe of site improvement, having a dependable and easy to understand page builder is fundamental. Elementor has arisen as one of the most well known WordPress page builders, offering a scope of strong highlights to make dazzling sites. In this blog post, we will bring a profound jump into Elementor and furnish you with a compressed lesson that covers all that you really want to be aware. Whether you’re a WordPress lover, a freelancer, a Spartan, or a student, this course is intended to outfit you with the information and abilities to master Elementor.

What is Elementor Page builder?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin with a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you visually create and customize websites without knowing how to code. With its instinctive connection point and broad library of components and layouts, Elementor engages clients to plan proficient looking sites easily.

How to Install and Configure Elementor?

Getting started with Elementor is a breeze. We will walk you through installing and configuring Elementor so that you can start using the plugin right away.

How to Create WordPress Menu via Customize and Menus Tab?

Any website’s navigation relies heavily on menus. In this segment, we will tell you the best way to make and modify menus in WordPress utilizing both the customize and Menus tab, permitting you to make a seamless user experience for your visitors.
How to Set Up Elementor Settings (Default Colors, Fonts, etc.)?
Elementor provides various customization options to match your website’s branding. We will explore the Elementor settings, where you can configure default colors, fonts, and other essential design elements to maintain consistency throughout your site.

How to Explore and Generate Color Schemes/Palettes?

Color schemes play a vital role in web design. We will delve into Elementor’s color scheme options, enabling you to create visually appealing websites by generating and customizing color palettes that complement your brand.

How to Understand Elementor UI?

The user interface (UI) of Elementor is intended to be simple and easy to use. We will investigate the various components and segments of the Elementor UI, guaranteeing you have a strong comprehension of its different parts.

Elementor Page Builder vs. Theme Builder

Understanding the difference between Elementor Page Builder and Theme Builder is crucial for leveraging their respective functionalities effectively. We will compare these two features, enabling you to make informed decisions when building your WordPress website.

Elementor Free vs. Elementor Pro

While the free version of Elementor offers a range of powerful features, Elementor Pro takes things to the next level. We will explore the differences between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro, helping you decide which version suits your website requirements.

Margin vs. Padding vs. Z-Index

Margins, paddings, and z-index are fundamental concepts in web design. We will explain the differences between these terms, providing you with a clear understanding of how they affect the layout and appearance of your Elementor-built website.

Sections, Inner Sections, and Columns

Building visually appealing layouts is made easy with Elementor’s sections, inner sections, and columns. We will guide you through the process of creating and customizing these elements, allowing you to craft beautiful and responsive designs.

Widgets, Elements, Blocks

Elementor offers a broad library of widgets, components, and pre-designed blocks. We will look at these resources and show you how you can use them to improve your website’s look and functionality.

How to Create Custom Links for One-Page WordPress Website with Elementor?

One-page websites have gained popularity, and Elementor provides the tools to create smooth scrolling and anchor links. We will demonstrate how to create custom links using Elementor, enabling you to build engaging and interactive one-page websites.

How to Install, Configure, and Make Use of Envato Elements and Elementor Addons (to Create and Edit Header & Footer Blocks)?

Envato Elements and Elementor addons expand the capabilities of Elementor even further. We will guide you through the process of installing, configuring, and utilizing these addons to create and edit header and footer blocks, giving your website a unique touch.

How to Edit Elements Like a Pro?

Mastering the art of editing elements is essential to create cohesive and visually stunning designs. We will share expert tips and techniques on how to edit elements effectively using Elementor, allowing you to create a website that stands out from the crowd.

How to Use W3Schools Editor to Practice Padding and Margin?

Practice makes perfect, and we will show you how to utilize the W3Schools editor to practice working with padding and margin. This hands-on approach will enhance your skills and confidence in using these crucial design properties.

How to Add Logo and Favicon to Elementor Website?

Branding is key, and adding your logo and favicon is essential to maintain a professional image. We will walk you through the process of seamlessly adding your logo and favicon to your Elementor-built website.


With this crash course, we have covered a wide range of topics related to Elementor Page Builder. From installation and configuration to advanced customization techniques, you now have the tools and knowledge to create stunning websites using Elementor. Remember, practice and experimentation are crucial in mastering any skill, so dive into Elementor and let your creativity soar. Happy building!